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Group Therapy

Last year we brought you Of Maintenance and Men and now we come back with Group Therapy.

Four strangers come together with a therapist to discuss the ups and downs of their lives. From stories surrounding sexualit, self estee, marriage, and mayhem the differences, similarities, and intersectionality lead them to come to the realization that they all are on the same path of bettering self, but needed a little group therapy..

Of Maintenance and Men

Created and Performed by Andrew Chupa
Directed by Jaried Kimberly
Design by Allen Clark
Presented in association with Transient Arts and Run Boy Run Productions of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia

A man and his beard clippers go through it, the good, the bad, the hairy. What falls away with the hair that hits the ground?


Photos from Boomerang:Reflections of a Man at the @koreshdance Artist Showcase 

Saturday ‪October 21st‬ 2017

#performanceart piece delving into the world of #abuse as it effects young #blackmales going into adulthood. 

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RunBoyRun production Is here to give you the most thought provoking works by the brightest minds in Philadelphia and surrounding areas on the theater scene

Future Projects

Well as the new year has come so has the journey of Run Boy Run Production as we look forward to the coming of projects. This year our take is different as we look at the productions of up and coming Playwrights that will tackle subjects that are social issues that in the end will demand extreme conversation starting with Mississippi Smiles.
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